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Through the workshops, MFI has become a major producer of independent works (short films, documentaries, animation and experimental) contributing to a rich diversity of cinematic expressions.
film research & information services
The Mowelfund Resource and Information Center comprises the Audiovisual Archive, Dr. Guillermo de Vega Memorial Library (Mowelfund Library), and the Pambansang Museo ng Pelikula (PMP). It aims to collect, keep and preserve film artifacts and records on historical and current events in the movie industry. It aims to serve as a regular source of information and materials to researchers, i.e. students, TV and film production staffers, journalists, media writers, and film enthusiasts.

Audiovisual archive
The Mowelfund Audiovisual Archive (MAVA) specializes in collecting and preserving audiovisual materials such as Film (35mm, 16mm and super-8); Video/Audio tapes (U-matic, VHS, Betamax, Video-8, Mini-DV, Betacam, Cassette tapes, etc.); and Optical Discs (CD, VCD and DVD).

It has the largest collection of short films and several film classics. It currently holds more than five hundred titles of film/video works of students and
independent filmmakers. Among its top priorities is the restoration of Filipino film classics.

The Archive undergoes its yearly inventory and continues to implement its regular archive activities and services. The Archive also participates actively in various archiving seminars and advocacies and is an active member of the Samahan Ng Mga Filipinong Archivista Para Sa Pelikula (SOFIA) & The Southeast Asia Pacific Audiovisual Archive Association (SEAPAVAA).
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The Dr. Guillermo C. De Vega
Memorial Library keeps a wealth of data on the Philippine movie industry and its
alternative forms. Through the years, the literary print collections in the library have provided a massive source of data for researchers, young and old alike, Filipinos and foreigners, media groups, students and professionals, etc.

The realization that our local cinema has such interesting and valuable
heritage motivated Mowelfund to exert more efforts to research, collect,
document and preserve such legacy.

In the same manner, the Research Division is constantly monitoring current realities involving the industry toward the local print and broadcast, and/or foreign media that may be relative to the growth or impairment of our local cinema. This move proved very important to the progressive trend of our local print and broadcast media. Only the Mowelfund library carries a comprehensive collection of relevant data.
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The Pambansang Museo ng Pelikula (PMP) is the Philippines’ first-ever national film museum encompassing 100 years of cinema. It exhibits a wide array of film and film-related artifacts.
Educational and entertaining, the Museum is set up for the enrichment and cultural appreciation of students, teachers, and the general public of the country’s moving image heritage.

A visit to the film museum is worth a thousand lectures and a hundred books! Discover the 100-Year history of Cinema in the Philippines -- from its beginnings to World War II, from the golden years to the present. Know the stars of yesteryears. See precious film classics on display. Be fascinated with replicas of movie super heroes, learn Basic filmmaking techniques, and enjoy the Movie Park!
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