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2015 Intensive Filmmaking Workshop

Greetings from Mowelfund Film Institute (MFI)!

MFI was established in 1979 to raise consciousness among filmmakers and their audience towards a better film culture in the country. MFI has since produced some 1000 graduates, several of whom have made a name for themselves and have brought honor and prestige to the country. 

We are pleased to announce that we are once again conducting a summer workshop dubbed “2015 INTENSIVE FILMMAKING WORKSHOP” 25 day filmmaking course which aims to challenge participants in the field of directing, cinematography, editing, scriptwriting, acting, production management, musical scoring, sound recording & mix, and production design. After a series of intensive lectures and discussions on the various disciplines in filmmaking, and hands-on exercises, three (3) teams will be assembled to produce three (3) short films.

          For   further   inquiries   you   may   contact Mr. Edwin Joaquin at Telephone Nos. 727-19-61; 727-19-15 and email address: mowelfund1974@yahoo.com or edjoaquin@hotmail.com.

social welfare
MOWELFUND’s Social Welfare Program aims to help the indigent and underemployed movie workers who work on a per-picture basis such as stuntmen, bit players, technicians, checkers, make-up artists, cameramen, props men, and other film crew members who do not have private insurance coverages and SSS benefits.

mowelfund film institute
The MOWELFUND FILM INSTITUTE (MFI) is the educational arm of the Movie Workers Welfare Foundation, Inc. (MOWELFUND). It is a unique film training center in Southeast Asia that caters to the needs of the mainstream film industry and independent cinema.

who we are
MOWELFUND stands for MOVIE WORKERS WELFARE FOUNDATION, INC., a non-stock, non-profit social welfare, educational, and industry development foundation organized and established in 1974.

It was founded by then San Juan Mayor and President of the Philippine Motion Picture Producers Association (PMPPA) Joseph E. Estrada for the welfare of workers in the
Philippine motion picture industry.

It has expanded the Manila Film Festival to become the now-popular Metro Manila Film Festival Philippines (MMFFP). It also helped rationalize the movie industry with its contributions in creating agencies like the Film Academy of the Philippines (FAP) and reorganizing the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB). Mowelfund has also initiated the campaign against film and video piracy.