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Through the workshops, MFI has become a major producer of independent works (short films, documentaries, animation and experimental) contributing to a rich diversity of cinematic expressions.
film specialization workshop
A highly anticipated workshop that offers a full array of courses for aspiring filmmakers. From scriptwriting to post-production, participants will be exposed to a wide range of knowledge regarding the theory and practice of filmmaking.

Participants will be able to do actual lighting set-ups and shooting with assigned directors to produce short film exercise and the chance to shoot the final workshop projects.
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From word to image, this workshop will train students to translate to moving pictures the imagination that is formed from the script. Acquiring knowledge of the motion pictures medium, understanding its nature and
language, camera use, directing actors,
composing shots, assembling images, and eliciting the desired audience
reactions – participants will be introduced and make to work on these aspects of direction.
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Film Editing
Exposure to Non-linear editing (Hands-on with Final-Cut Program). A unique post-production course in digital film editing that incorporates sound recording, mixing and musical scoring. View more photos
Considering the script as the blueprint of a film, this workshop will hone the participant’s talents and skills to conceptualize, structure and develop a story that will have the best potential to be turned into a film.

Although the final work to be submitted will be a short film script, lessons that will be learned may be applied in the writing of full-length scripts. Techniques in developing an idea, structuring the script developing characters, employing cinematic devices, and creating a believable story will be the essential concerns of this workshop.

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