Please contact the following officers:
Facilities & Events Manager

Tel. Nos.: (632) 727-1915 / 727-1961
Fax No.: 727-2033
Mobile No.: 0928-7213883
For more information about the venue including technical specifications and in-house equipment inventory please see:
Head, General Services & Maintenance Dept.

Tel. Nos.: (632) 727-1915 / 727-1961
Fax No.: 727-2033
Mobile No.: 0919-2891986
For Catering Services and MMPC Canteen Area Use please see:
Manager, Mowelfund Multi-Purpose Cooperative (MMPC)

Tel. Nos.: (632) 727-1915 / 727-1961
Mobile No.: 0918-5051285
Through the workshops, MFI has become a major producer of independent works (short films, documentaries, animation and experimental) contributing to a rich diversity of cinematic expressions.
facilities & venues
Mowelfund Plaza
“A Film Hub and Showcase in the Heart of Quezon City”
Nestled in a quiet, natural green ambience of century-old trees in a fully-developed, gated, and secured 6,449 sqm. exclusive area with its greenery, landscape and
enclosed facility. It is an ideal venue for film shooting and television productions, and special events (i.e. weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, etc.). The complex is right in the heart of New Manila and Cubao, Quezon City and is available for use year-round. Its 7-storey building with ample office space and rooms on each floor is also available for rent / lease.
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Pambansang Museo ng Pelikula (PMP)
Located at the ground floor to second floor is the only film museum in the Philippines. It reflects the history of film development in the last 100 years of cinema in the Philippines.
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Mowelfund Garden
Mowelfund Garden This garden features the ‘Paradise of Stars’ with standees and brass ground star markers of famous film actors and actresses.View more photos

guidelines for venue users

1. The user must provide a detailed list of equipment to be brought-in with its corresponding wattage at least three (3) days before the event. For power tapping, the user may not bring in or use any equipment that requires electrical consumption without the consent of MOWELFUND. For film / television
shootings, a power Gen-Set will be required. Only basic lighting will be
provided by MOWELFUND.

2. The user should furnish MOWELFUND a list of their personal (whether direct or sub-contracted) assigned to the event at least three (3) days prior to the event / affair / function for security purposes.

3. Staff or personnel of the user and other sub-contracting manpower are prohibited from smoking while inside the building premises.

4. Staff or personnel of the user and other sub-contracting manpower are not allowed to loiter beyond the designated activity of function area.

5. The user may bring its own decorations, furniture / equipment, props, or gadgets which may not cause damage to the venue. The use of nails,
thumbtacks, or staple wire needed to install or attach any decorations, props, or gadgets on the venue’s walls and ceilings is strictly prohibited.

6. MOWELFUND, Inc. reserves the right to refuse entry to any staff /
personnel of the user and other sub-contracted manpower who are found drunk or intoxicated or under the influence of any illegal drugs. MOWELFUND, Inc. likewise reserves the right to inspect the belongings or conduct bodily search on staff / personnel of the user and other sub-contracted manpower before and after the event.

7. Any and all damages to the venue caused by the user or its staff / personnel and its sub-contracted manpower shall be shouldered by the user.


1. The Facilities & Events Manager negotiates with the potential client
regarding the use and availability of the venue.

2. The client needs to secure and accomplish the Venue User-Rates and Charges Form (FEM-Form 1) from the Finance & Accounting Office. If the client agrees with the rates and terms & conditions, the Facilities & Events Manager calendars the activity.

3. No reservation fee is required but a 50% partial donation payable in cash or check payable to MOWELFUND, Inc. upon signing and approval of FEM-Form 1. An official receipt (O.R.) will be issued immediately by the finance and accounting department c/o Ms. Helen Villavicencio.

However, in case of cancellation for whatever reason/s, a one (1) week prior notice in writing will be required and a corresponding cancellation fee
equivalent to ten percent (10%) of total contract price will be charged to the user.

4. Exclusive food catering for events / affairs / functions are available under separate arrangement with the Mowelfund Multi-Purpose Cooperative (MMPC).
However, a separate venue charge (corkage fee) will be required if catering is done by an outside caterer. Kindly inquire from the MMPC general manager for any catering arrangement.

5. During the day of the event / affair / function, an officer-in-charge will be assigned by the Facilities & Events Manager for coordination with the user. The officer-in-charge will also assign from the pool of caretakers, a minimum of one (1) and maximum of 3 caretakers depending on the event / affair. Caretaker fees shall be for the account of user and are paid in cash. The caretaker/s’ rate are PhP500.00/pax for the first ten (10) hours and an additional PhP100.00 per hour in excess of 10 hours.

6. Caretakers are assigned with identification card and are expected always in the area of activity. They are primarily tasked in monitoring and reminding the user of the provisions related to the proper use of the venue / equipment including report of any violation or any damage to the property or equipment changeable to the user. They are also tasked in maintaining cleanliness, peace-and-order and to coordinate any concern to the officer-in-charge.

7. A Venue Caretakers Report will be presented by the officer-in-charge for the validation of the user upon completion of the activity. A Statement of Venue Caretaker’s Fee ‘will be presented by the officer-in-charge for immediate
payment of the user in cash.

8. An Acknowledgement Receipt (AR) will be issued by the officer-in-charge on the full payment of donation or equivalent of the fifty percent (50%) balance of the contract price. All check payments shall be made payable to the Movie Workers WelfareFoundation, Inc. or MOWELFUND, Inc.